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Moving a Box downstairs.

Hi all,


What I thought was going to be a reasonably relaxing day has turned into an extremely stressful one, thanks to Virgin Media's customer service. Something I'm not terribly happy about.


12 months ago I rang Virgin up to cancel my TV services (kept broadband + phone) because Sky rang me up and offered 75% off everything, so I effectively had their entire TV package for £21.75p/m - not going to say no to that! Virgin were helpful and as soon as they realized they couldn't beat that were happy to downgrade me. Always had in my mind to come back to Virgin at the end of the 12 months, unless by some miracle Sky managed to do the same deal again, as I've been with Virgin for years.


9 months later, Virgin rang me up and I was told they could do a Virgin box with M+ TV for no extra cost for 3 months for me. Not needing it in the main room as we had Sky I asked whether it could be placed upstairs for now. Yes, he said, No extra cost. We'll send someone out, they said.


Great, so I got another box without it really costing any more upstairs, (which to be honest hasn't really been used) and at the end of the 3 months It'd be around the time I'd be renewing services anyway.


3 months down the line, I ring Sky and surprise surprise, they cannot match the deal they did 12 months ago so I cancel. I ring Virgin up and up my package to include the channels that are needed and all is happy. They know its upstairs and I'm re-upping with them to balance out not having Sky, so it'll need to go downstairs.


This is where I'm hitting a speed bump. NOTHING needs installed, everything is already in place, bar the box. Which I can happily walk it downstairs and plug it in. IF I had the correct cable. Obviously when the engineer came out to install it upstairs (free I might add) he's done a superb job of drilling holes and pinning it down. I do not have a cable to plug my Virgin Box in to where it was 12 months ago.


I re-ring Virgin up, assuming that their gold standard customer service would have options for me, ie. send me the cable out etc.. point out where I can buy one...


But no, I go through a CS agent, his manager and then her manager, to be continuously told that they cannot help me as they dont send cables out. If I want they can send an engineer out for £99, who will move the box for me. Obviously I'm flabbergasted as I've been with them for years now and never had to pay for an engineer to come out, and usually if they come its for a much bigger job, ie. actually installing a box upstairs. This time all I need is a cable to be plugged in to the box.


Everything aside I received some of the worst customer service I've ever received from the two managers in particularly, with one of them even refusing to put a complaint in for me.


What I need from you lovely people if some advice on what to next. I refuse to pay £99 for someone to walk into my house and plug a cable in for me.


Can I buy the cable elsewhere and do it myself? If so, whats it called and where from? It literally would need to be 1m-2m, not very long at all.


Pics of Box, location it's in now & the connectors where it's going to go:


Thanks for any help;



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