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Movies4Men channel please.

As an XL subscriber who is happy to watch BT Sport and my wife watching certain channels covering crime and the paranormal, why is it we cannot get Movies4Men while there are other channels we do not watch including MTV, E! Entertainment, TLC, BET, GINX, Africa Channel, some mediocre music channels and the countless number of irrelevant reality shows ie ITVBe that serve so much dross?


come on VM, Movies4Men while there is nothing else on which has been the case at a lot of the time.

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Re: Movies4Men channel please.

I think Movies4Men is a great channel and I love watching the old !950's black and white British B movies they sometimes show. 

Would be a welcome replacement for a lot of the "filler" channels they currently offer in their packages.

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Re: Movies4Men channel please.

Movies4Men is a free-to-air channel. They pay SES (the satellite operator) to rent a transponder, & then pay a nominal sum to Sky or Freesat to be listed on their EPG. Satellite is an open platform, so you dont need either companys box to view the channel. Any european free to air receiver will do. The same goes for Freeview. It is a straight transaction for a slot on one of the muxes.


When it comes to Virgin, a different model proliferates. Virgin is a closed platform. There are no free channels, equipment is rented & every step in the distribution process from broadcaster to customer is a cost to Virgin. It is normal when joining closed platforms that channels (excluding the shopping type channels) will take a cut of the subscriber income from the pack they join. For this reason you will only ever see a selection of the channels that are free elsewhere.


Cable customer since 1993. Services: FH TV, Sky Sports & Movies (2xV+), Talk Unlim Telco, VIVID 100, Virgin PAYG Mobile


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