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Movie details now removed from all channels

   About three weeks ago I noticed that most of the movie channels like TCM had suddenly stopped providing dates and actors for movies in the guide, merely giving us a short precis of the plot or subject of a movie. Today Film4 has followed suit, and I see that there is the same lack of basic - even essential - information about movies on the online guide, too. 

   I cannot for the life of me understand why this information has now disappeared! Surely any database that Virgin get their film data from will have all that information, so why is it suddenly missing? Can anybody please explain? It makes no sense!


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Re: Movie details now removed from all channels

so agree!!!
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Re: Movie details now removed from all channels

Hi RegPither,


Thank you for your message, I'm sorry that you've not been answered sooner. 


I'd like to know a little more about the description you have mentioned on movie channels, I know that at times, we do change the way we explain what the movies are about and are always working to make sure the experience is always great. 


I'll be sure to pass this feedback to the team so future developments are included in what you have both mentioned.


Keep in touch and thank you for your support.


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