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Moved V+ box

Hi, right I have no clue about technology, recently having got a new TiVo box downstairs we moved the v+ box up to a bedroom. It works fine as in showing tv, but the remote is only changing channels, I cannot do anything else, even when the channel changes I don't get the guide along the bottom. Everything is plugged in right I think, have tried changing the remote batteries, rebooting everything, but still not working properly. At least I can watch tv on it but nothing else so it's pretty annoying! Was told I had the scart lead plugged into the VCR socket rather than the tv one, so I changed this and can get on picture. My tv is an LG I have no manual as it was given to me, I usually watch on the AV2 option. Any ideas? Thanks
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Re: Moved V+ box

If you have one of these:

Samsung V+HD

The menus should work from the VCR Scart. If the box is not one of these, the menus will only be available from the TV Scart, which only works with the box in non HD (Scart) mode. If the box has only previously been used in HD mode (using HDMI), you can reset it to SD mode by doing the following:


Hold in the Stop and Play/Pause buttons on the front panel, and press Reset.

Keep Stop and Play/Pause held in until the display says 'boot'.

After a few seconds the display should say 'outpt'.

Press the Fast Forward button several times until the display says 'Sd', then press OK.

Wait for the V+ to reboot then you should be back in SCART (SD) mode.


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Re: Moved V+ box

Hi Jen89, 


I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the forums, and say that I'm sorry to hear that you've been having some issue with your V+ box. 


To be completely honest with you, I think that nodrogd's information is bang on, if you were indeed using a HDMI connection on your downstairs TV, then you will need to change the output on the V+ box for it to work on a Scart connection. 


If you found the information that nodrogd gave you fixed your issue, why not click on the "Mark as helpful answer" button under their post, as I have learnt something from this myself Smiley Happy 


Should you still be having an issue, please let me know so I can look into things further for you. 


Many thanks and apologies again 


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