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Missing Channel

I had CB Drama until a few weeks ago when it suddenly dawned on me that a programme I had set to record with Series Link was not recording.  I looked at My Planned Recordings and yes, it was there.  Today I switched on my recordings and there was the programme recording.  I went out and when I got back I went to look at the programme when I discovered it was not there.!!!  I looked at the Planned Recordings again, yes it was there. Then as I looked at the Progamme Guide I discovered it was blanked out and I didn't have it any more.  I see I have some new Stations that I didn't have before and which I am not interested in.  Were these given to me and CB Drama taken off me in lieu of them?  I am totally disappointed if this was the case.

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Re: Missing Channel

CBS Drama is on the XL pack, so if you subscribe to this pack you will get the channel.

Every so often, channel owners will offer free promotions of their channels for a fixed period. You can then watch & record the channel outside of their normal pack. When the promotion ends the channel returns to its original pack, & any recordings from that channel become unusable.


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Re: Missing Channel

It's on mine on 197.
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Re: Missing Channel

Hi jeanjeffery,


Thanks for posting!

As nodrogd has mentioned, the channel CBS Drama is now only available through the XL TV package.

Our packages are always subject to change and sometimes channels become available on lower packages for a limited time.

Keep an eye on our Channel List for regular updates on what channels are available.

All the best  Smiley Very Happy


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