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Lost TV

Does anyone have a number that I can call to get something done about my TV service. I have been told they cant fix my TV until 12th January and not only is that over the xmas period but I have a very sick child who relies on TV for entertainment?

Calling the normal 0800 number is a waste of time!


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Re: Lost TV

Try calling 150 and get them to find out why it is going to take so long to get your Tv services running again.There is an option if you have issues with your Tv if you don,t get the responce you want from the 1st person you talk to ask to speak to there line Supervisor.



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Re: Lost TV

Hi there davidcarr, 

Firstly I'd like to welcome you to the forums and say that I'm really sorry to hear that you've got a bit of a wait to get things resolved with your TV. 

I've taken a look at things on the account, and can see that a fault technician has already been to the property and has discovered that the cable from the street to the house needs to be replaced. 

This task requires a separate two man crew, and this will be the cause of the delay, I've double checked to see if we are able to reschedule the job but unfortunately for this type of work there are no earlier appointments. 

Apologies once again.


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