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Followings electrical storms in the Bedford area on Tuesday we had a lightning strike somewhere in our local area and many Virgin services have been knocked out in surrounding houses.

The impact for me has been that my Tivo box no longer works and the apparent surge through the cable has also fried my 65" plasma.

Having sat on calls three time today (and been cut off twice) with technical support, I have been told repeatedly that my box is working fine, despite me only having a blank screen (I cast my Tivo signal via a wireless HD extender to a second TV)  the solution offered is for me to take a days holiday for an engineer to come see for themselves that my Tivo box is not work and then replace it.

Given I self installed, can anyone suggest a number/contact type I can use to simply be sent a replacement Tivo box without any further inconvenience (have already had to replace the 65" TV)

Many thanks in advance



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Re: Lightning

I have seen many situations like this, usually as a result of the HDMI connections being fried. This means that despite the TiVO continuing to work correctly (hence the disgnostics showing no issues) there is no output from the box. It can also fry the same circuit on the TV.


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Re: Lightning

Hi Basbof Smiley Happy


Cheers for coming in and letting us know about the lightning in the area, it's never the best when the the TV services are affected.


I would love to help in addition to Nodrogd, (cheers), and offer an engineer to come out as the box is no longer communicating with network.


I've sent you a 'Private Message', you can find this by clicking on the little purple envelope near the top right of the page.
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