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Latest Apple TV

I have a project which involves relaying programmes from the Tivo box somewhere else in the house over wifi to the latest Apple TV, attached via an HDMI lead to a screen. With the previous AppleTV there were restrictions on mirroring from my iPad using TV Anywhere. So before buying I would like to check the following:

- Can I install the 'TV anywhere' app on the Apple TV and ask it (with its remote or Siri) to play current or pre-recorded programmes. Also pause live TV? The Tivo box won't be in use in two rooms simultaneously

- If so, are there required wifi data rates?.

- It is also quite handy to have the 'TV Anywhere ' app show the programme guide on an iPad for browsing /selecting without disturbing live TV. Any problems / limitations with this?


All information gratefully received.



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Re: Latest Apple TV

You're wasting your time for a number of reasons.

You cannot play recordings from My Shows via TV Anywhere.

You cannot load the TV Anywhere app on an Apple TV and even if you could, Virgin Media (in common with Sky) do not allow HDMI connection of the app output to a TV.

You can do the last thing with the TV Anywhere app - manage your TiVo resources concurrently with anything that is going on on the TiVo.

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