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Issue with Netflix free trial

I know this is technically an issue for Netflix but after calling them they seem unable/willing to help me further...


I registered my free trial for Netflix a few months ago, but last night it appears my account got hacked and they have changed the email address for the account so I cannot request a password reset (as obviously it no longer recognises my email).


I called up Netflix who were unable to find my account as it did not have a credit card allocated (as it was still in the trial) and obviously the email address has changed.  They then told me it was an issue for BTInternet (my ISP) to resolve, and they couldn't seem to grasp the simple concept that BT have nothing to do with it in any shape or form (I can get my emails ok and obviously the trial was arranged through Virgin Media).


I know it's a long shot but as Netflix won't help I wondered if anyone else out there had any ideas or whether the guys at Virgin would be able to do something?  Seems a shame both to miss 3 months off my trial and until this happened I was going to sign up at the end of the trial.


Thanks in advance


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Re: Issue with Netflix free trial

Hi stemorritt,



Welcome to the Community and thanks for posting on the ForumSmiley Happy Sorry to hear that you have had a problem with the free Netflix trial. 
Due to account security, you will need to call in on 150 > Option 1 > Option 4 from a Virgin Media landline, or 0345 454 1111 from any other phone. Our Customer Care department will look into this for you. 
Kind regards.

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