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Is it a fraud call?

We cancelled our TV Package last week and got a phone call from a lady this morning saying she was from Virgin and wanted to discuss the changes to our package. She asked me to confirm all my security details to her before she would discuss anything but as i could not see the number on the screen and we have been having a lot of nuisance calls recently i asked if i could phone virgin back to confirm this was a valid call. She was not keen on me doing this and just kept saying she will phone back later then ended the call.

Is is standard for Virgin to make a call like this after cancelling a package? When we cancelled the person on the phone said it was all sorted and i did not need to do anything else until sending the box back.

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Re: Is it a fraud call?

It's not uncommon for you to get a call from retention department to see if they could sort out why you were leaving.But they would not ask for all you details.At best they may ask for 2 or 3 letters from your password.If they do call you back ask for name , department , contact number , Supervisors name give them no details over the phone. If they refuse any of the above details its a fake call.If they ask why you want all the details tell them you want to call from your mobile while they are on the phone to check they are who they claim they are.If they refuse hang up and then report the call to VM
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