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Installation day no-show

I'm posting this because I'm a bit concerned about the experience we've received with Virgin so far - I apologise for the rant.

We've switched from another provider and booked the installation day as yesterday. Everything seemed fine - we'd had a couple of questions after joining and customer support had been friendly and helpful.

Fast forward to last week, we'd had a call to confirm our engineer visit, which we did, so waited in yesterday.

Our slot was 1-6 and at about half 4 we were a bit concerned so double checked to see if the engineer had an approximate time - I admit we were a bit anxious. However, we were told no engineer was coming as we haven't confirmed the slot (which we did around Wednesday-Thursday time) so to be honest, I'm just a bit frustrated now.

We were on the phone for ages to support and were told we'd get called back - however that department closed for the weekend shortly after we called and never got in contact so when we called back up, were told to call back Monday. We're about to lose all of our services with our other provider and no chance to even look at booking another engineer until tomorrow (and even then, we were told it's a minimum 3 day wait). Surely if Virgin thought we were now not happy with that slot (which we weren't but I guess they thought we were), they'd look at getting another, instead of just no contact whatsoever.

Has anyone else had this kind of experience, or at least have an idea of how long we'd be looking to wait for another engineer typically? We had high hopes for Virgin after the previous advisor but now it's just mixed feelings about whether it's worth moving back.

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Re: Installation day no-show

Hi rokin,


Welcome to the Community!


I can't even begin to understand how frustrating this must be for you and I apologise for the service you've received up to now.


I've located your account and I can see a complaint has been raised and a new appointment has been booked in for the install. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help out and I'll do my whatever I can.


All the best  Smiley Very Happy





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