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ITV HD not showing HD programmes

Living in Nottingham, this week I have been seeing a few ITV programmes which should have the ITV HD logo on channel 113 but do not. Examples are Emmerdale and Gino's Italian cooking thing. We also saw the AD logo appear at the start of Emmerdale - this is not usually seen on 113. These changes were only noticeable this week. I'm aware of changes around this week on DTT feeds of ITV HD in the north of England, but am surprised it is affecting cable. Usually the ITV HD feed we see here is the Central West Midlands variety.


Has anyone else noticed this? Would be interesting to know the geographical spread.

Picture on these programmes still looks better than on 103 but it might just be upscaled SD showing on 113.

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Re: ITV HD not showing HD programmes

I believe that all that's happened is that ITV have removed the HD part of their logo.  It doesn't mean that the programmes aren't in HD, they just aren't putting it on the logo any more.


I've seen speculation elsewhere that ITV may now be producing their SD channels by down converting the HD channel, which would explain why they have dropped HD from the logo as well as why you're now seeing the AD symbol appear.

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