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Hi I want to report someone for using a false name to get virgin media to avoid previous arrears with virgin how do I go about reporting this? Thanks
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Re: Help

Shouldn't work as a credit check will fail under a false name-

But Ive flagged you post for staff anyway, just in case. Thanks for taking the time to report it. You and I pick up the bill for fraudulent use of VM's services, Id be doing exactly the same.




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Re: Help

Hi Danielleb

Many thanks for taking the time to whistle blow on the forums for the fraudster. I appreciate the time you have taken in getting in touch with us Smiley Happy

If you can please drop me a PM with the persons details, that would be great.

If you could include:

  • Their name and false name if you have this
  • Their full address
  • Any other details you feel are necessary
  • Your name and contact number

Our dedicated Fraud team will then investigate this on our behalf.

To PM me, simply:

  • Click on my forum PM link Karen_A

Many thanks once more for your trouble.



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