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Help with changing my current bundle.

HI all


I'm paying £57 per month for Tv + Phone + Internet.

I don't have a phone and I don't want one - I was told that the bundle comes with the phone, and I just don't have to have a phone, which I didn't... no problem there.


I use Internet all thetime, it's the only thing I EVER use.


My Virgin media box is disconnected, and it hasn't been turned on in over 6 months.

How do I go about changing my deal. I literally only want to have Internet.

(Oh, I don't have a mobile, so I will have to make these amendments via the internet)

I've been a virgin media member for about 3 years now, they've been great and I've got no problems, I just don't use the TiVo box.

Thank you all

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Re: Help with changing my current bundle.

You can downgrade to broadband only if that is all you use, & it will halve your bill if you take the lowest tier. Question is are you out of contract. If you have not made any changes to your services in the last 12 months you should be in the clear.

The one problem you have is that you have to use the phone to downgrade services, as Retentions, who you need to talk too, are only available via this means. One way you can get round call charges if you have a smart phone is to install the Smartcall app & link it to your landline account. You can then phone VM on 150 for free no matter who your mobile operator is.


Cable customer since 1993. Services: FH TV, Sky Sports & Movies (2xV+), Talk Unlim Telco, VIVID 100, Virgin PAYG Mobile


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