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Help! No sound, failing on demand, didn't get this with Sky

Good evening,

We've just joined and since the beginning we've had the following issues.

On demand rarely works

Sometimes the sound just goes.

If switching to betflix or BBC iplayer it takes forever then when want to go back it takes about 3 minutes then no sound so have to restart.

Very slow between menus.

Try to get support-15 mins later give up.

Try next day, give up.

Eventually get some tech guy out after speaking to rude person at help centre.

Works for about 2 days after replaces the TiVo and router.

Then repeat..

Tried to cancel, told haven't complained enough so will cost £240!

Advised couldn't as couldn't get through, no email address to write to, asked to speak to the community of other customers?!?

I fail to see how this works?

Sounds like a rant but if anyone has any advice I'd be really grateful!
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Forum Team
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Re: Help! No sound, failing on demand, didn't get this with Sky

HI dwillis2010


Welcome to the Community, I'm very sorry to learn about the problems you're experiencing with your TV service lately.


I've been able to locate your account to run some tests on the set top box from our end for you, we're seeing some problems being detected and I'd like to arrange for an engineer to come and take a closer look, if you're available?


I've sent you information regarding this in a private message, which you can view by clicking the envelope on the top right of this page.


We'll talk soon


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