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As I am aware if you have an XL package you get a free subscription to hayu, and can watch the app through your TiVo box. However after looking into the help section of the VM website, it seems that you should be able to watch hayu on TiVo regardless of your package. How can I do this? I pay for a subscription which I usually access through my computer but it would be great to be able to watch this through my TiVo box as well.

Any help would be great, thanks!

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Re: Hayu

I know you can watch your free HAYU subscription on other devices by asking the Tivo instance for a mobile voucher and inputting it into a created account.

But not the other way round as far as I know. And believe me I am an expert in HAYU Smiley Embarassed

You CAN subscribe to HAYU through TiVo and then you can use the same account to sign in other devices, so thats likely the route you need to take.

Umm that sounds complicated- basically cancel your subscription, subscribe through TIVO and you can watch it wherever - but if you sign up online, your TiVo account wont know about it- does that make sense??

Can you tell my better half has discovered HAYU so now I know all about it?



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