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HD news etc picking up wrong region

We live in Yorkshire, but when watching in HD all news is picking up the wrong region? Usually Granada rather than Yorkshire. Please could you advise how this can be changed. Also, BBC in HD will not allow to connect to any region at all.

many thanks!

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Re: HD news etc picking up wrong region

This is a broadcaster problem, not a TV platform problem.

There is at present no BBC switching infrastructure in place for BBC1 HD in England (it is rumoured this may be rolled out this year). Until then the SD channel (101) must be used for regional programmes.

ITV HD is only available in a handful of regions, either because studio equipment is not yet HD capable, or again the switching capability is not in place. In ITV's case Arqiva (the engineering company that oversees ITV distribution to the TV platforms) provides the nearest region that has an HD feed.

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