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HD channel listings

hi is it possible to put forward that the hd channels on virgin are moved forward in the channel list like on sky, sky sports hd are first on virgin but sky movies hd aren't & same for channels like channel 5 & channel 4 as they aren't regional??
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Re: HD channel listings

Channel 4 & 5 carry regional advertising on the SD versions.


What you have to remember is that Virgin have to use a single NIT (Network Ident Table) for both HD/SD & SD only boxes. An HD swap would be of extreme annoyance to the thousands of customers out there still using SD only boxes.

Also the V+HD box only has 20 hours recording capacity in HD, so many customers prefer to record the SD version of a channel even though HD is available.


The existing Sky Sports/Eurosport/BT Sports channel swap was done in agreement with the broadcasters, & as there is plenty of space in the sports section SD & HD channels could be sited close together with one digits difference between the HD & SD varients.


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