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FOA Virgin Media - Music On Demand Cutback



for or the first time in a month or so I logged onto my music on demand and I was shaken up. It seems there has been a significant streamlining of the catalogue, what us left is not fit for purpose. One of the reasons I choose Virgin Media as opposed to sky was th brilliant on demand service, many a night has been spent entertaining guests thanks to the selection available on demand. However to my dismay, yesterday I logged onto to the service and was alarmed to see a terminal reduction in videos available, I would suggest close to half the catalogue has been removed. Specifically talking about the urban genre, the leaders of this genre such as, Beynce, Jay Z, Kanye West, Drake  have all seen their back catalogue reduced, not by one of two tracks but 4 or 5 Some such ax Rick Ross have been completely removed. This almost makes the service not fit for purpose. The whole enjoyment of music on demand was to view tracks that may not be frequently available on music TV. As a result when my contract is up shortly I will be exploring the options that Sky TV have on offer.


very disgruntled.



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Re: FOA Virgin Media - Music On Demand Cutback

Hi there BBOA, 


I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the forums and say that I'm really sorry to hear that you have found that the Music On Demand service has lost some of the videos that you watch on a regular basis. 


We do negotiate deals with suppliers constantly, so some of these videos may return, or will be replaced with other videos that will suit your tastes. 


Apologies again 





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