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Error c130

Hi, I've recently moved my TiVo box from downstairs into the loft in which it was previously installed. But it won't connect and is staying on 25% on the channel preparing screen. All cables are connected properly. Can someone please help. I'm having no problems with any other box or internet it's just this one. I did used to have a box up here then knocked down the package and got rid of it from this room so maybe that is why? I'm not too sure. 

P.s. The TiVo box is on at the time of this post and won't be turned off. 

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Re: Error c130

Hi Banksy106,


Thanks for posting on the community.


I'd certainly like to look into this for you but I'm having difficulty locating your account at the moment so I'm just going to send you a private message which you will find if you click on the purple envelope at the top right of the screen.


Speak to you soon

Forum Team

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