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Only got Virgin on 3rd Nov don't know if I have made a bad move already. Multi room er41 reseting code all day I haven't even paid 1st bill yet I'm cracking up. Any ideas?
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Re: Er41

Er41 is basically a dead box, & a replacement will be required. And don't tell me, its a V+HD box. The up side of these is you have a second recording box for the price of a non-recording box. The down side is all these boxes are refurb units, & some leave the docks with reliability problems. You can either call faults via 150 from your VM landline or mobile (0345 454 1111 from others) or wait here for a Forum Team response. Bear in mind that as it is the weekend, you may not get a response here until Tue/Wed.



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Re: Er41

Hi Carlyanderson31,



Cheers for coming in and posting your comments.


I'm sorry that the multi-room isn't working properly here. i've been looking into the account and devices and can see that one of them is not responding to the network.


Can you please let me know if there was a box turned off during the time of my message and to reboot them once seen this.


In case the boxes were indeed on, can you have a look into your 'Inbox', I've sent you a 'Private Message', you can find this by clicking on the little blue envelope near the top right of the page.

Get back to me when you can.

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