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Endeavour episodes on ITV on demand

A warning for anyone investing time watching episodes 2-5 of series 1 of ITV's 'Endeavour' as listed on Virgin TV on demand - they cut off approximately 15 minutes short of the full running time. This leaves you tantalisingly short of the conclusion after investing more than an hour of your screen watching time!

Seems to be a problem with the versions loaded on to the on demand service - the listed time is what you get, but it's not the actual full programme length. Episode 1 and the second series both seem to be the full length.

I reported this to Virgin last week but am not convinced they understood what the problem was - and the promised call back hasn't materialised as yet...

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Re: Endeavour episodes on ITV on demand

Hi Paluhalford,


Thanks for coming in and posting again, I can see it's been quite a while since your last visit Smiley Happy


I'm sorry to hear about the episodes not showing the full content. I've been running through the last 15 minutes of each episode and so far I've not been able to see this fault you've described. I did take the path through the On Demand>>> XL>>>A-Z>>>Endeavour.


Can you tell me if this is something that is still happening to you? 


Take care.



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