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Dreadful catch up service

Mickey Flanagan Back in the Game from Channel 4 on 21st Dec never showed up.

Also missing, The Last Dragonslayer Sky 1 on 25th Dec. This is being advertised by Virgin every time I go to a menu page too.

Tuesday 27th Walliams and Friends BBC1,  Wednesday 28th Ethel and Earnest BBC1, Friday 30th QI BBC1, A Year in the Life of a Year BBC4, 31st Peter Pan Goes Wrong BBC1, Casualty BBC1, 1st January Sherlock.

Wife practically in tears last night through anger and frustration. She's just had surgery and is immobile. So settling in front of the TV for a bit is very important. The above is a list of what she tried to watch.

What is the point of this catch up service if it is so unreliable? I see one answer to another query on the board is to record a programme. I've been with you since you took over my area. Years. I'm paying over £60 a month. You've had thousands off me.

I think the least you could do is offer existing customers of some considerable standing a free Tivo box so I could record programmes.

I'd be able to avoid the infuriating unreliability of your catch up service. I can't get any of your wonderful offers because I'm an existing customer, so that's fine eh? Do not rely on customer loyalty.

This is a bigger issue than a few programmes. Its about respecting and valuing your customers. Which you clearly don't. Unless you are a shiny new one.

I'm on the verge of going. I'm sick of you taking me and my hard earned money for granted.

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Re: Dreadful catch up service

I agree, not one BBC programme since 29/12/16 on Catch Up TV and when I tried BBC i-Player, the same, tho' all BBC programmes are up to date on i-Player online.

Virgin customer service is crap, they change channel availability without notification, and of course the bills keep on going up, but without any improvement in service to justify the increase. 

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Re: Dreadful catch up service

While I can't answer the lack of catch-up question, have you at least rung VM at some point over the past few years and requested a TiVo, or renegotiated your package?

Paying over £60 a month without a recording capable box just shouldn't be possible with the current contracts, which suggests yours is woefully old and you're paying massively through the nose for what you're receiving.

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