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Does Virgin charge you for swapping Boxes


A couple weeks ago i thought i would ask Virgin Media to change My V+ box in my Bedroom , already have Tivo downstairs as i have been a customer for 9 yrs , I wanted virgin media to swap my Boxes and have Tivo upstairs , I thought they would just send me the box by courier and all i needed to do was to plug it in and screw the white cable in ..But no they booked an appointment for today and put a charge of £59.94 on my account ...£9.99 being Activation costs and the rest for one off charges .The Engineer popped by to plug in my box  .this morning ..Now surely i could of done a self install with low costs am i right or wrong , I have spoken to online chat and managed to get  £30.00 off .the lady i spoke to was called Angel , i asked why i had to pay ..she said its the standard charge ,i said that i could go to sky and get it free , as being Disabled and not working now i don't have much money ,anyway she excepted £25.00 to be paid on next months bill , i said ok but wasn't happy ,Then my pc Froze we lost contact  ,I checked my Account and the Engineer was Booked . So sorry its a long read ,

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Re: Does Virgin charge you for swapping Boxes

I had my box sent via courier and did a self install.  I was given the option for an engineer but not sure why they would offer this as it is plug and play.  I can understand that there are some people out there unable to do this but give them the option.