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Do i have a valid complaint?

Hi, I was hoping for some advice please. My Tivo stopped working on Sat, I called Virgin and after some checks was told I'd need an engineer to come out - it was booked for today (Monday) between 12-4. I had an automated message this morning to confirm the appointment.... this part was all good. At 5pm today there was still no engineer so I called Virgin and they said that some work in the area had rectified the problem so they had cancelled my appointment and if my problem hadn't been fixed I'd need to reschedule another appointment - the first available one is Weds! So basically, they couldn't call me to confirm that my problem had been solved, I still have no Tv service and I will have to lose two days at work? The people that I have tried to complain to on the phone have been very unhelpful, and the best that they can offer me is £17 for the loss of Tv service. Does this seem fair? I seem to have been past from pillar to post on the phone because nobody seems to want to listen to my complaint - Surely I have a valid complaint? Has anyone else experienced anything similar?

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