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Deceived into a new 12 month contract

Not sure if i'm posting this in the correct place and will apologize in advance if this turns in to war and peace - 


My wife recently got in contact with Virgin to make a payment on our media account. While she was talking to one of the representatives she inquired if we would be able to downgrade our TV package as we couldn't justify the amount of money we were paying (considering we recently became a one income household). She was led to believe that due to contract obligations she would only be able to partially downgrade the package we receive. We have now been on the slightly downgraded package for just over a month and haven't really noticed much difference in the content we receive. 

My wife phoned Virgin today in order to pay the bill and I asked her to see when our contract run out as we were going to try free view but still keep the broadband service on. My wife was told that when we had downgraded our package we had entered in to a fresh 12 month agreement. At no point was this made clear and no contracts have ever been received.She was then told that the original contract had ended the month before we downgraded our package; which I would have thought we would have been told when attempting to downgrade (but wasn't).

I feel we have been tricked in to a new contract and have been told by virgin staff that there is no way out of it and that there is nothing that can be done! I want to resolve this as I think Virgin is by far the best provider for internet access and television, and if circumstances were different we would want to keep all the services. If this cant be resolved I wont be making further payments and will have no other choice but to pass this complaint on to the ombudsman (OFCOM) and let them decide the out come.


While trying to get in contact with Virgin I have discovered another issue, no email contact or support. I would of thought in this day and age that having an easy accessible email contact would be standard. 

Hope someone on here can help and sorry again for the war and peace post.

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Re: Deceived into a new 12 month contract

Any change to your core packages will result in a new contract, & this is true of all comms providers, not just Virgin. This happens irrespective of whether you upgrade or downgrade. The only exceptions are "free" speed upgrades, add-ons, such as premium channels, & equipment obsolescence.


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