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Cutting costs on TV package


New to the community and was hoping somebody could help me out.

Basically, we have the XL package but don't watch 3/4 of the channels on it and wondered whether or not we could tailor our package to include the channels we watch, take away the channels we don't watch, and if it would be cheaper/more expensive?

We have considered the idea of going back to Freeview but certain channels are available on Virgin and Sky that we like to watch (Documentary channels, Sky Arts, Sky 1 etc) but figure - because we don't watch ANY of the sports channels, foreign channels or general garbage channels (Sky Living, TLC, etc) - that we could pick and choose to make our bill cheaper. We also don't watch anything On Demand.

We're currently paying over £80+ and justifying it is becoming more difficult. At the same time, we would like to keep our Virgin subscription because there are certain aspects of the TV package we like.

Any help would be appreciated Smiley Happy

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Re: Cutting costs on TV package

You can't pick and choose but there a number of different bundles, M, More, M+, L and XL.

You can see which channels are available in the table above.



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