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My internet has been intermittent since my new modem was installed months ago, it keeps dropping the signal in and out. Yesterday 10/08/17 I spent a couple of hours on the phone to India - the first chap I spoke to couldn't help me and just put me back on the switchboard after half an our...Grrrr....the next chap did sort the problem out by splitting the modem into separate 2G and 5G channels, he then told me the problem was due to someone ripping the cable out somewhere in my area, but the engineers had been working all day to fix it. Still had to reset all; my devices to 5G or 2G though. Funny that, as calling India again today they said there were no problems with the broadband network this week..... Grrr

And then try making a complaint!!! GRRRRR!!!

Enough is enough, poor service is one thing but lying to customers is another, so its goodbye Virgin from me.



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Re: Complaints

It sounds like you're being fobbed off to be honest. Call again and insist they send an engineer out as there's likely signal issues or the Superhub is faulty.

With regards to making a complaint about this, you need to speak to retentions which is the "thinking of leaving us" option when you call up. They are UK based and are usually helpful. Make sure you specifically say you'd like to make a complaint as it gets logged as such and an action plan put in place.

Keep us posted.

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