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Hi I am new to Virgin and am a little disappointed....our box is slow and we dont get all the channels we used to with Sky! I know you can add premium channels but I just want to add LIFETIME channel as my daughter loves it and is not happy with me for changing! Is there any way of adding one channel?

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Re: Channels

The short answer is no, you cant "cherry pick" the channels you want. It is not economically viable for channels to be available this way, so they are only offered in packs. If you want a channel you have to upgrade to the pack the channel is on.

Sky works in a totally different way to every other provider. Sky is a pay segment on an "open" satellite system run from mainland Europe. All the "free" channels on this service actually have nothing to do with Sky, as the channels do a deal direct with the satellite operator in Belgium. There are also channels like Sky Atlantic that Sky will not wholesale to other providers, & channels like ITV Encore where they have paid for exclusive access.

Virgin is a closed system, & even the "free" channels incurr a cost as they have to be pumped around thousands of miles of cabling to get to customers from their central hub near London.

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