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Channel Insight Radio by RNIB and suggestions

Hi, my mum is partially sighted and would love to be able to listen to the channel run by the RNIB via Virgin but it is only currently available by FM in Glasgow, online or on Freeview channel 730


Theyre not interested in computers, posh tvs (although they do have a panasonic RNIB one which reads out channels,volume level etc some of which still works whilst they use virgin box) or mobile phones which theyd never learn to use so suggesting a radio app on a phone/tablet that my mum wouldnt be able to use nor see properly isnt an option, theyre past the age of wanting to do any of that, they have a tv with freeview (although its never been tuned in as they have no aerial) and choose to subscribe to Virgin so would like to see this service added to Virgins basic lineup so that everyone could enjoy it.

Also as theres audio description and other services for partially sighted  and hearing issues (sorry if none of this is politically correct terms) would it be possible for virgin to implement an optional part which would also read out the channel number so that others who dont have the type of TV my parents own could be helped out



Wasnt sure how to get in touch with anyone who could possibly look into things like this so thought Id try here

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Re: Channel Insight Radio by RNIB and suggestions

As far as the radio aspect is concerned, its unlikely that any local radio content will ever be added to the TV side of Virgin's service. In analogue days the local network headends used to have "off-air" reception equipment for local radio & regional TV. This all dissapeared with the advent of digital cable, & everything is now sourced from a single "super" headend just outside London. The only radio stations available therefore either have to have a satellite feed, or a direct wired connection to the Langley site.


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