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Catch-up TV

VM's catch-up TV service was the main incentive for me signing up with the company.  I have to say that the quality has deteriorated significantly over recent months.  Regularly I am switching on to find that a particular channel's entire output on a given day is missing - often never to appear despite promised fixes.  Or that certain programmes simply will not play - begging the question why the service is called "on demand".

I have two particular gripes on which I would appreciate comment by a VM staff member:

Why does VM catch-up offer for the first few programmes of a series, but not the remainder?  A recent example: from the last series of The Tracey Ullman Show, programmes 1-4 were made available to view on catch-up but programmes 5 and 6 have yet to appear, despite being broadcast on BBC1 and available to view on other catch-up platforms several weeks ago.  Similar has happened in the past with, eg, The Big Bang Theory, The 100... 

My second issue is about where catch-up programmes are placed on the A-Z list.  Where a programme title begins with "A" or "The", the preposition is sometimes ignored, sometimes not - so, for example, "The Big Bang Theory" will usually be under B but can sometimes be under T.  A consistent approach would take away at least some of the present frustrations with the service.    

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