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Cancelling when only 3mths into an 18mth contract


We took out a Big Kahuna package with Virgin in November 2015 when we moved house but I absolutely hate it. The box takes forever to switch between menus, lacks any sort of user friendliness and simply isn't a patch on Sky.

We've tried to cancel the contract after receiving the letter about the price rise but they are claiming this was already taken account of when we took out the package so won't let us.

Has anyone got any ideas on how I get rid of this awful system??



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Re: Cancelling when only 3mths into an 18mth contract

The information you have been given is likely true as a bundle taken out in November will have been at the new, increased prices.

Given this, any cancellation at this stage will incur a penalty, which, I believe, is capped at £240. If you really can't stand the package then cancel as soon as possible.

Another option would be to downgrade your services to less costly levels, if this is possible, but this would mean sticking with services which seem so abhorrent to you.

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