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Can't play my rental

Rented  film because I'm off ill yesterday and still today but I still cannot access it.

It's available until tomorrow but I'll not be able to watch it after 3.30 this afternoon when family are back and it is not suitable for young eyes (to rough) and tomorrow I'll be back at work. Tried to get through on chat and phone to get a refund but as usual it's impossible to get through.

Sick and tired of it to be honest, The system takes the rental request no problem so it can charge me but then immediately tells me the service is unavailable???

Now I cannot get hold of anyone in any way to ensure the item is refunded.

Had the same problem with a load of photo messaging on a mobile which cannot send photo messaging, Couldn't get through to sort it out any which way of trying so an extra £2.40 for virgin last month from me!

Has anyone found an official email complaint system so you can get direct to someone?

Virtually had to take Sky to court to get out of their rubbish service and a few years with virgin and it's just the same. Bills up by 40%, films rentals up 50%.

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Re: Can't play my rental

Hi there Markkeeogh,

Firstly I'd like to welcome you to the forums and say that I'm really sorry to hear that you've been having some problems viewing a movie via the on demand service. I sure hope you're feeling better now. 

Could you please let me know what movie you tried to purchase? I've run a check on your connection, and can see that there is a local issue which may affect the purchase of movies and the interactive side of things, 

I'd really like to help you out on this. 

Apologies once again.


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