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Cable causing loud "ground hum" in my home cinema

I haven't been able to use my subwoofer in my home cinema speaker system for a long time due to a very loud "ground hum" when it's connected to my amplifier. Thinking it would be pretty expensive to rectify, I just left it. Recently I decided to look further in to what may be the cause of the hum so I could finally take steps to eliminate the hum. I was quickly able to rule out the amp as it is 2-pole, with no earth. The same with the PS3 and Tivo. Until I disconnected the coaxial feed from the Tivo, and the hum disappeared. So I've read up on it and it seems that an engineer should be able to eliminate it by adjusting settings further upstream. So can a cs staff member contact me about this please?
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Re: Cable causing loud "ground hum" in my home cinema

Hi MikeyMcG


Sorry to learn about the problems with your TiVo box, so we've got an idea as to what could be causing this issue could you describe the way in which you've got it all set up? With the main bit being how you've got the surround sound connected to the TiVo & other devices.


To speed the process up I've also sent you a private message, in case we do need to send an engineer.


We'll talk soon


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