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Bills and TiVo Cancellation

Where do I begin?

My latest bill is £78.22 due to a contract termination fee being added. This is ridiculous as for the past two months I've rang 5 times asking them to cancel my TiVo box - which i regret so much in getting as it had lead to this hell hole. As soon as we got the box, we decided there was no point - especially after what we saw what our bill would be after the promotional offer period ended.

So, we asked to get it cancelled. "Sandra" on 16/04 said that I would be sent a prepaid TiVo box and the box would be cancelled. Happy days. The bill then comes - we've been charged for using the Tivo box! We never even activated the box and we've been charged for it?  I ring up - ask why. "Craig" (20/04) explains that the bill would be £26.79 and that the prepaid box is on it's way, and that i have nothing to worry about (I had to pay that bill with TiVo on it). So, i was happy.

Then, the contract thing comes saying our charges on it. Once again, TiVo! Plus, no box yet. We ring up - box has not even be requested according to Raj here!! We get a bill too of £48.74 - Raj here explains that I'm getting a credit for the bill. There's TiVo on it.

So, we've been charged for using TiVo for two months! I'm called time and time again for the TiVo to be cancelled but no. There clearly seems to be some miscommunication errors.

20/05 - no TiVo "prepaid box" still. I call again. Person explains that next bill is £43.44. Tivo has been cancelled - all is good.

Then, by a miracle the glorious prepaid box is here. We send it off. It's been about a week now and the next bill break down comes. £78.22 Smiley Sad Why? Contract termination fee (wasn't told).

So, I have to pay the termination fee, along with having paid TWO MONTHS of TiVo (despite us never even activating it). I have no idea the hell was going on behind the scene - and, why it took them so long to send us the glorious prepaid box. The person I talked to just now was very abrupt and when i told him I paid for two months of TiVo without having it and now I have to pay this too he was like "yep". 

This is just so unfair. Smiley Sad


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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Bills and TiVo Cancellation

Hi rehaank

I appreciate that you have had some issues in trying to remove the TiVo® service from your account with us and I'd like to thank you for taking the time to bring this to us on the forums.

I have taken a look at the account for you and can see that the contract fees were refunded for you in April, but not applied as a charge until the current bill which is why it has confused the current billing a little for you.

I've updated the account with further support for you, and as this requires us to clear security with you, if you could contact our teams on 150 or 0345 454 1111, or via Webchat our teams would be happy to discuss this securely with you Smiley Happy

I'm also going to drop a pm to you that you can find in the purple envelope next to your forum name, just to offer a little more support here.

If you could get back to me on this, that would be great Smiley Happy

Speak soon.



Forum Team

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