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Billing failures

Once again like a monthly occurrence the account has the wrong amount on it, the wrong price on the package and despite 2hr telephone calls where they keep telling me stuff is fixed. It's not. Cause someone can't count or work a PC.
5 times in 4hrs my mobile (which I specifically requested NOT be used for calls as for friends and family only) was called by 'collections' who can do and see nothing to do with the account. When I do answer and passes through 4 departments who tell me it's fixed. Here I am like a broken down gramophone playing on repeat that the same issues are now why I have no access to my services. Of which by the way FREE TO VIEW channels should be available even when you do.
You've done this at 12:30 at night when I can't call, and I can't email as you removed that option from your customers, and there isn't even an online form any more - bearing in mind this is a communications company. You even removed the online chat feature so calling and taking 2hrs as a minimum out of my day each time to resolve issues (30 of which will be me repeating security information over and over and over, you are not the pentagon. I appreciate data protection but I'm neither famous nor important so let's skip the every department having to do it once it's done once and transfer, no need to repeat) which you swear and promised and on some occasions aggressively defend are done right. But here we are and they aren't. I should have a one month bill and phone calls from last one. I was told what it should be this month and no shocker your 'breakdown' doesn't even come close to it, in fact it's almost 1.5x more. With prices wrong.

So tell me where is the line in the sand where I can hold YOU to task in mucking me around? When do I get to call you up multiple times, bill you wrongly, lie to you and then be totally held unaccountable for any action?

I raised the whole thing with your 'complaint' system in January, a thing I was discouraged from doing by being told it could take 20-30 mins to complete, they would be in touch they said. So far your only contact has been your 'collections' call centre, who are basically there to get money. They can't do or see or adjust anything.

I KNOW I'm not the only one having these issues with you as I have met other customers who have had similar and even more varied bad experiences with your company.

So when do you become held to task for your 'lack' of service to me?

I am sitting at night when you've left me no options, so where's the customer service in that?
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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Billing failures

Hi tanithrea,

Thanks for your post on the Community Forum and welcome. I'm sorry that you're having a problem with your TV service, billing and receiving marketing calls that you have requested to be opted out from. 

In order to look into the issues you have brought to our attention in your post, I'll need to take more information from you. I'll send you a private message requesting further details. Just check the envelope icon at the top right of this page.

Also, just to let you know, we haven't removed the online chat option. You can still access WebChat on, take the appropriate option for Choose a topic and for Tell us more, then click on Chat online.


Kind regards,


Virgin Media Forum Team

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