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Bill Increase without notice

i joined virgin in 15th May 2015 and i signed my contract in 25th May 2015

The deal was as follows - £36.99 a month for 12 Months and then £48.99 for 6 months. In January  2016 i paid 37.99 (£1 more), last month i received a bill with £52.98.

I spoke with support on 9th March and i was told that was a mistake and i should pay £37.99. As i have direct debit i don't know why but the amount was not taken from my account. 

Last friday i received a new bill with £85.98 to pay. £37.99x2 and £10.00 for late payment. Just spoke now with support and they will remove £10 because was not my fault.

Now, my bill in May will be £52.98. SO i signed a contract with £48.99 NOT £52.98. The guy told me that they increased the prices but i never received any letter. 

If virgin is increasing the prices without notice and make me pay a different amount that i have signed in the contract, do i have the right to cancel my contract???

Please please could somebody sort this out for me because i just want to pay what i first agree. I am not happy about the big incorrect jump in charges, and i am thinking give this to a solicitor.

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Re: Bill Increase without notice

All providers have a clause in their T & C's that allow them to increase prices whether you are in contract or not. You have 30 days from the day you receive the increased bill to cancel your contract without penalty.


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