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Big Kahuna + Movies package misleading online

I recently bought this package and was disappointed to find that the movies channels were only SD.

Upon investigation (on my phone in front of the TV) it said I should have these channels under "Check out the channels you'll enjoy".


What it looks like on mobile:

Mobile 1.png


Here are the HD channels

Mobile 2.png


The discussion went on and I was told that no, I don't get these channels. I went online and saw that, on the main site, it says "for a little extra a month", however this "for a little extra..." vanishes the first time you expand and collapse this section.


First time you see it expanded on desktop:

Expand first.PNG

First time you collapse it:

Collapse 2.PNG

Expanded after the collapse (no sign that you must pay more)

Collapse 3.PNG

I feel like this is likely what I did when exploring the bundles and now I feel conned. This is a terrible bug that is misleading and needs to be fixed ASAP!!

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Re: Big Kahuna + Movies package misleading online

If indications from the press are correct, the HD supplement on all Sky Movies channels will be scrapped later this month. Sky Sports channels will continue to require the supplement.


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Re: Big Kahuna + Movies package misleading online

Your absolutely right that it's misleading it happened to me aswell but when I went to cancel my installation date the cancellation team told me it was misleading and I will get all the premium channels. Found out after installing the the TiVo that it was all a lie. She basically lied to me That am gona get the premium channels
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