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Been offered V+ box (?!)

Hi folks, completely new to VM, just signed up today in fact. Spoke to a nice lady who has given me a better deal than that found online. Part of the deal was being given a 'V+' box along with the Tivo. At first I thought she was mistaken and meant the 'V HD', although she did say that the box records programmes.

So I can only assume I'm being given a refurbished V+. Now I'm not complaining about this being bunged in to the package at no cost but I'd be interested to hear people's thoughts about the V+ box itself; e.g. is it worth me trying to find somewhere for it to go in my bedroom, along with the necessary wiring, if it turns out the box is pants (reliability, picture quality etc), or should I try and talk them in to giving me a V HD box instead (I realise I'd lose the recording functionality).




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Re: Been offered V+ box (?!)

Both the Samsung V+ HD box you'd get and the V HD box have pretty much identical performance and features. The only difference is the recording capability.

So it would be up to you as to which you'd prefer.
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