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BT Sport Europe channel, £3 levy



I plan on calling VM tomorrow, but am looking for guidance. I don't want BT sports channels or any sports channels for that matter, I have no interest in them. I certainly don't want to pay £36 a year more for something I don't want, as they have recently announced. I have TiVo and was wondering if it's possible to keep TiVo but only have TV L. 

Alternatively, can I cancel the BT element of my TV package? 

If virgin want to force new channels on us for free, I have no problem with that, but making us pay for something we don't even want and trying to spin it as good news is appalling! They should make this into an optional add-on. 

No doubt there'll be an extortionate fee to cancel the whole thing if it comes to that, too. 

Thanks for your help. 



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Re: BT Sport Europe channel, £3 levy

If you are out of contract, you can simply downgrade to L (bear in mind with this package you lose all but 6 of the HD channels). If you are still in contract, you have the option of cancelling the TV part of the contract without penalty. If you are on one of the "Big" bundles that contains XL TV you can cancel the entire contract without penalty. Unfortunately there is no way of keeping XL without the BT channels, as it is part of VM's contract with BT that the channels are packaged with XL TV.


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