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Availability of programmes on On Demand TV service

Why are some shows missing from the On Demand service? This is really annoying as I consider this to be part of what I pay for. It happens quite frequently. Today I am wanting to watch Wednesday night's (23rd Dec.) "Toast Of London" and it isn't there.

While I'm here can I ask why the whole service is frequently not available. I phoned up about this and was told the "signal on my device is weak". I'd estimate that I can only expect a 70 to 80% likelihood of successfully viewing a programme I want to when I want to. Not good enough.

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Re: Availability of programmes on On Demand TV service

The programmes are uploaded from the broadcasters to servers all over Virgins network on a continual basis. Sometimes these programmes do get "missed". They may appear in a day or two, if they do at all. The Forum Team can chase these, but they will be thin on the ground in the next few days.

If you have an upstream signal issue at your property, your equipment cannot talk to Virgins servers to access the programmes. In this situation an engineer visit to check your cabling & adjust the levels is usually all that is required to fix the issue.


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