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Are Virgin planning on moving to mp4

Hi, I'm sure i read somewhere that they are and that V+ boxes are being replaced with tivos and V6s now.

I also notice that all the tuners on my V6 currently say mpeg1 for sound and mpeg2 for video.

So just wondering are they planning on moving to mp4, what sort of timescale are we talking about, and does that mean my recordings will then use up less space?

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Re: Are Virgin planning on moving to mp4

@ stevehd2 You've got a point TIVO V6  1TB recorder gives 500hrs in SD 100hrs  in HD recording time.   Freeview 1TB recorders give 620hrs in SD 200hrs in HD recording time and still provide a good picture and sound.  I think it all depends on the compression codecs that are used in the recorder and if lower compression was used in the V6 then a bigger hard drive should have been standard to provide the customer with an advantage over the competition.

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