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Alternative / Wrong local news BBC

I have just signed up and the message I received was 'so go ahead and join the fun!'.  Really?  More a case of frustration.  I live in Southend on Sea.  I have VirginMedia TV package, although not for much longer, I am tempted to think. Before digitalisation, it was possible to get both BBC London and BBC East here.  I get BBC London on 'your region' (thanks, who wants to hear about innercity problems when we've moved away from them.) I search through all the many channels I have and I find ITV Anglia on 870 but I cannot find BBC East. Why?  Why is it not possible to get this in this day and age.  Reading through other viewers' posts on this subject leaves me feeling angry.  Please answer. And please solve.

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Re: Alternative / Wrong local news BBC

The reason is you are connected to the Basildon cable Headend. This serves customers in the London region, but also crosses over into the East & South East region. There are legacy feeds to this headend for Anglia TV (870) & BBC South East (858), but no others are available. Other then re-engineering the network at huge expence there is no way of solving this. If the government run cable authority had franchised the network so it was built to respect region boundaries this might have been different.

Southend-on-Sea is, like it or not in the London TSA (marketing area), so Sky & Freesat customers entering their postcodes into TV boxes in your area will get London as standard. You can select other regions from these boxes, but that is the nature of Satellite, & it costs the platform operator nothing, as the Satellites are owned & run by a company in Belgium.

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