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Again poor service in our Nottingham NG6 Area

i know Virgin are glibly stating they are fixing the Tivo /On Demand service in our area however this service is erratic at best non existent at worse, Virgin advertise this as a major attractive part of the package i am on but invariably they don't deliver on this matter, is Nottingham some strange place were the signals don't work repeatedly. On demand is always hit and miss almost every day here , either sort it out properly or provide a reduction in charges to compensate for not delivering part of the package.

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Re: Again poor service in our Nottingham NG6 Area

Hi Hold51 Smiley Happy


Welcome back to the Forum and thank you for letting the team know about the issues going on, Outages are never the best Smiley Sad


I would really like to help here and would like to know since you wrote in last, has there been any change in service? 


Please stay in touch and get back to me when you can. 




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