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Why do Virgin continue to send weekly advertising even after being asked to stop?

Surely there must be a tree somewhere that is safe from these idiots!

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Advertising

Hi Rubbishhater

I appreciate you getting in touch about the advertising that you have asked to be stopped and my apologies that this is continuing to be sent to you Smiley Sad

Although it's not the best of circumstances it's still nice to see you on the forums and thanks for taking the time to join us on the community.

For us to check that your marketing preferences are updated on your account if you could please get in touch with us via 150 or 0345 454 1111 or via Webchat  where our teams can clear security with you and work to resolve any issues you have with this support option.

They can also support you as a non-customer if you are receiving marketing from us via these options too.

I'm going to drop a pm to you where I can offer some additional support to you too and you can find this in the up next to your forum name on the right.

If you could drop back to me on this, that would be fab Smiley Very Happy

Speak soon.


Forum Team

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