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Adding a THIRD TV Box - Tech Questions....

Long time customer, first time poster. Hopefully you guys can help.


We currently have a TIVO box in our living room and a V+ HD box in our adjoining dining room. We are building an extension and intend to run Virgin TV in to a wall mounted TV in the new kitchen.


My question is, what are my options for adding a third HD box? I don't want to tamper with my current installation - so would an engineer run a split from the dining room cable (which is nearest to the kitchen) and into a third box in the kitchen? If so what kind of coax cable do they use? Would my electrician be able to fit the cable and the engineer connect everything afterwards? Ideally I want the cable run behind the wall with HDMI connections you see.


Sorry for all the questions but I am just trying to get the whole thing planned out in my small brain!


Many thanks in advance, RM

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Re: Adding a THIRD TV Box - Tech Questions....

If you have enough signal, a split in the feed to the dining room, as you suggest, is most likely. The one thing you wont be able to get hold of is triple shielded coax, which is made specifically for Virgins use, as it has to prevent noise ingress onto the network. If you can use pull ropes to allow the tech to pull the cables through where you want them, this could be an option.


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Re: Adding a THIRD TV Box - Tech Questions....

Hi RobMan77,


Welcome to the forums Smiley Happy


nodrogd has pretty much covered it all for you Smiley Happy  I hope all goes well when the additional box is installed.


It would be great to hear how it all goes afterwards.  We're here to help anytime you need us, if you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to ask Smiley Happy


All the best.

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