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2 Engineers no paperwork and no fix

I had an engineer out on Thursday as many of my HD channels are missing, he said there was a problem in the cabling outside and it was water damage so arranged for another engineer to come out today.  He did not leave any paperwork or ask for a signature but I did not think anything about it. Today the engineer got the wrong time as we had a text saying they would come between 8-12 and they actually came at after 2 claiming that is the time they were booked. After looking outside he said the network engineer would have to come out as something is damaged and he suggested many people in my area must be getting a weak signal and be missing channels. Again he did not leave any paperwork so I have had 2 engineers visit without any paperwork. Plus when I looked on the service page there is nothing listed as a problem for my area.

Is this the normal standard? Surely I should have been asked to sign something even if they did not fix the problem and I am now wondering how do I go about checking that a network engineer will actually be out tomorrow to fix the issue as I don't have any proof or ticket number to refer to?

All I was told was that the engineer will not have to come into the property and will be out tomorrow to fix things..


Any suggestions and who would I contact to make a complaint if I still missing tv channels after tomorrow?


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Re: 2 Engineers no paperwork and no fix

Hi Tardisman,


Welcome to the community Smiley Happy


I'm sorry to hear that you haven't heard back about Network Engineer yet.  I'll be happy to look into this for you.  Currently I have not been able to locate your account.  I will request further details in a private message. 


(Look for the envelope icon above) 

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