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v6 upgrade need to sign new contract?

Hi All

Its as the title says really I'm swapping my tivo boxes for 2 v6 boxes but they have sent me a new contract for 18 months which i need to sign so was wondering if this was the same for anyone else that has swapped to a v6 box?


Also whilst I'm here when they swapped the boxes did they upgrade the modem to the hub 3.0 as had an engineer out to fix the phone line and he said they should replace that to?

Thanks in advance


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Re: v6 upgrade need to sign new contract?

You're signed up to a new contract by accepting the upgrade, whether you actually need to sign the hard copy, I'm never completely sure.

TV: XL+SkySports V6
BB: 200Mbps SuperHub: Arris
Loc: ME10
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