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v6 not activating


I have just had my v6 box delivered. Connected everything correctly. Called to get my signal sent. Received my text saying signal was sent. But its not working... When i switch everything on it goes to Welcome screen (where you have Welcome in different languages) then it goes blank for a few seconds, then goes to the screen with an arrow pointing down (im guessing its the screen where software should get downloaded/updated). it stays on this screen for 3-4 minutes. Then it restarts and does all of it again. and again. and again. for like an hour. so i called them. spoke to a lady who run through some troubleshooting scenarios but it didnt work so engineer is coming..... on thursday! great start to footy season! it seems like v6 box cant get connected to the internet or is faulty as when i unplugged ethernet cable nothing changed, the box cant see there is no connection at all and keeps on restarting


anyone had similar issues? do i really need to wait for an engineer?


frustrated is not the word! 

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Re: v6 not activating

This may seem like a stupid question, but have you plugged the coax cable in as well as the ethernet cable? I've seen more than one person make this mistake.

But yes, if it's connected properly and it won't activate, you need to wait for the engineer unfortunately.

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