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v6 hmdi auto switch

Hi just had virgin media installed.

I have a concern about HDMI auto selection on my LG TV, on sky when I turned sky on my tv switched on and selected the HDMI input automatically , so when finished on PS3 I just put sky from standby to power on and 'hey presto' sky came on my TV.

I can not get this to work on Virgin V6 box. every time I finish on PS3 I have to use tv remote to set up correct HDMI input before I can use virgin TV.

Can I set up the V6 to do the same as SKY.



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Re: v6 hmdi auto switch

Nope. It doesn't do it. Not at the moment anyway 

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Re: v6 hmdi auto switch

If the V6 behaves in the same manner as TiVo does, then the HDMI port is always live (or grounded, or powered, I'm not sure which, let's just say 'active', but with no video being sent when the box is in standby)

What I have is a cheap HDMI switch which defaults to the most recent/only input to be active, i.e. TiVo. So if I turn the Xbox on, it switches to that input and back to TiVo when I switch it off again.

What I expect your LG TV is looking for is a change in state as a trigger to switch to the input, which it won't get from TiVo (or likely the V6)

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Re: v6 hmdi auto switch

@steveinsindon I believe that in order to get it to behave the way you want the V6 would need to support the CEC feature of HDMI which it currently does not.  AFAIK none of the HDMI capable VM boxes have supported it.  There is a thread discussing it here:


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